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"We Don't Hire Those Kind Of People"

Can you tell by looking at this picture who the veteran is? Or who is the person who received SSDI? Or which person lives in a rural community?

Right. You can't.

It's impossible to tell by just looking. But did you know that there are nine target categories that typically face significant barriers to employment that might be eligible for WOTC?

As an expert in Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Swain Consulting, LLC can helps employers receive a reduction in their tax liability through this federal tax incentive program that benefits employers that hire from specific target categories. We'll investigate with dignity, complete all the federal paperwork and help you with your tax bill. Don't just assume that your employees don't qualify. Because you can't tell by just looking.

Contact Stevie Swain at 513.818.1753, ext. 4 for more information.



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