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What to do with your stimulus check?

Good news for all Americans! Congress passed the second stimulus bill. The IRS is expected to start sending second stimulus checks before the end of 2020.

Now, what are you going to do with the check?

For many unemployed or underemployed Americans, it will be a welcome relief to help with their monthly expenses. But what if you are still employed or your financial situation is stable. Should you buy yourself a new sweater? Maybe it's time to strengthen your financial picture or maybe give some of the money where it can help others.

Here are some thoughts.

  • Pay down a high-interest credit card bill

  • Put the money into your emergency fund

  • Send some money to your favorite charity

  • Give the money to a friend or family member in need

  • Save the money for your tax bill

  • Add to your child's college fund

  • Support a local restaurant or business in need

  • Donate money to your local food pantry

  • Support a cause you believe in

  • Pay it forward in line at the grocery store

Have other ideas? Share them now.


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