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10 Ways to Save Money Today!

One of the fastest ways to increase your income is to decrease your expenses.

Maybe it's time to review your spending habits and come up with some new saving habits. Take a look at this list. Try one this week. Then another next week. Before you know it, your could be saving money!

1. Plan your grocery shopping.

2. Brown bag your lunch.

3. Cut the monthly cable cord.

4. Have a 'no spend' day, then a 'no spend' week.

5. Install LED bulbs and turn off your lights when not in use.

6. Split Netflix and other streaming accounts with your family -- grandma, siblings, adult children.

7. Inflate your tires to save on gas.

8. Enjoy happy hours at your favorite place and save on drinks and food.

9. Catch a matinee showing.

10. Junk your storage unit. If you have that much stuff, then declutter your life, and cancel that storage unit.

What to do with all that extra money? Pay off your credit cards, start an emergency fund, and then save for something you really want or need. Need more help with understanding your financial life, contact Stevie Swain at Swain Consulting. Call today 513-818-1753. Ext 4.


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