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Don't Worry. Be Happy.

If you're worried about what to do in retirement, you are not alone. Without a sense of purpose, many people feel dissatisfied in their life. What should be a meaningful time becomes an anxious or uninspiring one for many retirees. Many go back to work, full- or part-time. Finding a hobby or learning a new skill might be the answer.

One way to make retirement more fulfilling is to make it less about you. Older adults have reported volunteer work as a source of happiness and meaning.

Of the 239 older adult volunteers surveyed by the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis: 79% said they feel better about themselves by volunteering; 95% said they have improved their lives, and 96% said they have been involved in meaningful activities, according to Kiplinger.

How do you connect with opportunities? First, check out the local non-profits in your area that you have helped throughout your working career to find volunteer opportunities that suit your skills.

Unsure what you would like to do, or want to help in a way that’s not available locally? Check out a volunteer search site. For example, lists volunteer opportunities that are searchable by city and category, such as animals, arts and culture, health and literacy.

I typed in "Cincinnati" in the site and found tons of opportunities to do such things as volunteering for the Bengals, at a soup kitchen, with dog shelters, helping veterans, getting people vaccinated, doing minor home repairs, and more. Sort of got me excited about my retirement future and all the ways I could support my community.

Get ready for a happy retirement. Check your savings and investments. Make a plan. And volunteer! For more information, contact Stevie Swain at


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