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My Job Has Me Covered

So you have life insurance on your job? Are you sure that’s all you need?

Is it Term or Whole Life?

Most people believe that having Life Insurance on the job is all they need.

Unfortunately most employers who offer life insurance only offer Term coverage. So the coverage is only good as long as you work for the company. If you or the company should terminate your employment, you no longer have any life insurance and depending on how old you are and what your medical conditions are you may not be able to get coverage on your own or it will cost you substantially more money because of your age.

I always advise my clients to take whatever your company offers. Meaning maximize your coverage, if the company allows you to increase your coverage 2, 3 or 5 times your annual salary do it! You will never be able to purchase that amount of coverage at that cost anywhere else. However; always have your own coverage outside of your employer, this ensures that no matter what happens with your employer you still have your own coverage.

As a matter of fact take as much term as you can get from your employer and have whole life of your own with a small term rider to cover the temporary items, home, auto, credit cards, etc.For more information, contact Stevie Swain at 513-818-1753, ext 4.



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