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Thinking About Retirement?

Updated: May 13, 2020

What will your retirement look like when you’re ready? Do you know how to figure it out? Most people have NO CLUE. All we know is that we have a 401k, maybe an IRA, some Social Security. Some people may be lucky enough to have a Pension.

You could have anywhere from two to four paychecks coming monthly in retirement IF you plan properly.


You didn’t know? I’m sure you didn’t that’s why I’m trying to educate you 😊

My goal is to make sure that the clients I serve understand how to properly prepare for their retirement. The first thing you need to do is understand the benefits that your employer is offering you so that you can maximize your retirement nest egg. Then we can look at some different options for how to build another nest along-side that one to ensure the most comfortable retirement possible.

Stop thinking that you don’t need to worry about retirement until you get closer to it. That’s when you will end up in a situation where you’d wished that you had talk to me a long time ago.

It’s called PLANNING!

I currently serve our Federal Government Employees but I would love to serve anyone who wants help! For more information contact me at 513-818-1753 ext. 4 or visit my website at Remember I’m here to SERVE!



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