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Welcome Them Home

Welcoming our veterans home and honoring them for their service is a wonderful acknowledgement to our troops.

But perhaps a better way to help them is to give them a job.

Did you know that among the 453,000 unemployed veterans in 2016, 60 percent were 45 and over, 36 percent were age 25 to 44, and 4 percent were age 18 to 24. [1]

And if you have employed one of our veterans, then you might also be entitled to the government sponsored tax credit through the WOTC. This is just one way our federal government is working to welcome our veterans home.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is s a Federal tax credit available to employers who hire and retain veterans and individuals from other target groups with significant barriers to employment. Employers claim about $1 billion in tax credits each year under the WOTC program.

Contact a WOTC specialist, like Swain Consulting, today for more information. Call 513-818-1753, ext 4.



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