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What Could I Have Done?

At the end of the year, do you find yourself wondering what you could have done differently to save money on your taxes?

If you answered YES, then consider joining our clients, they don't have to wonder.

One question to ask: do any of your employees qualify for WOTC?

What is WOTC?

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax incentive available to employers that hire from ten target categories that typically face significant barriers to employment. The main goal of WOTC is to enable these groups to become economically self-sufficient and become taxpayers themselves, and to reward employers for reducing the costs of social programs.

How much money could you save in tax incentives? $2,400? $6,000? $9,000? Yes. All of the above. Depending upon the qualifying person, how long they've worked for you, and if you did the paperwork.

Oh -- paperwork. That's when you contact a WOTC specialist like Swain Consulting. We can help you with all the federal forms and get you set up to receive your tax benefits.

Stop wondering what you could have done. Call today. We can set up the program anytime throughout the year. Call today at 5613-818-1753 ext.4.


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