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Are You an Unmarried Divorced Spouse?

Did you know that if you were married for 10 years prior to your divorce, and you never remarried. you are eligible for 50% of your ex-spouse's Social Security benefit?

Let's take a look at our example couple, Sherry and James.

Sherry and James got married in 2010. Unfortunately, they then got divorced in 2018. Sherry is now unmarried and is 62 years old. She does not yet qualify for full Social Security benefit.

However, James is also 62 years old, and whether he is retired or not, Sherry can receive a divorced spouse’s benefit based on his work record. Sherry, at the reduced early retirement (62-year old) benefit is $450. But Sherry could receive the spousal benefit (50% of James’ Social Security -- $700 of his $1,400 benefit) until her full retirement age, then claim her own.

She cannot, however, get both James’ 50% spousal benefit and her $450 reduced benefit at the same time. She can choose either one. But most people would pick the $700 over the $450 if they know about this option.

Is this something that could work for you? Let’s review your Social Security options today. Call Stevie Swain at 513-818-1753, ext 4.



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