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Countdown to Life Insurance

How many times have you heard this story? A healthy, active person is doing some routine activity around the house –mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, moving something down from the attic – and all of a sudden, the person has a heart attack. It happened to a friend of mine last week. No warning. No indication of any issues. No symptoms. Incredibly shocking.

There's a horror movie that came out last year called Countdown. It's about an app that you download and it will tell you the day that you will die. Sound handy, yes? NO! Who among us really wants to know the day we'll leave this earth. Not me!

But if, if this does happen, what happens to your family, your bills, your kids' college education? Do you have money for all of that? This is what life insurance is for. Stop and think for a moment. Could you sock away a few dollars every month to invest in the security of your family? I'd be happy to show you how easy it will be to have some peace of mind. (and please, delete that Countdown app!) Call me and get the details. / 513-818-1753 ext. 4



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