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"In the short time I have been utilizing Swain Consulting, I have tripled my investment with them. One of the best decisions I have ever made."

-Total Staffing Solutions  

Why Choose Swain Consulting?

Hire the people who care about

your business and your employees.

Q: Is it legal for us to ask the potential employee the questions on the IRS 8850 form?


As a third party vendor, we can ask the questions that the employer is unable to ask by law.



Q: Do we have the staff to devote the time to talk to government agencies?


We also do the work of communicating with the various state government agencies to confirm the eligibility of the employee, ensuring that we retrieve EVERY Certificate available to the company.



Q: Do we want to get tangled up in the government paperwork? 


We handle all the paperwork, taking one more item off your desk. We will provide you with the certification so you receive the tax credit. 


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